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Complete Services: From The idea to shelves

Why TYMK Group?

Our company distinguishes itself from others you may consider working with in four ways:

Our Services

We do things differently around here. In an industry filled with poor communication and customer service we make this a cornerstone of our business. Manufacturing is a complex, sometimes challenging, and constantly evolving environment, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition, issues and challenges, communication is king!

Superior RM’s- Relationship Executives

You will work with one TYMK’s Relationship Executive who will be best suited to assist you in the management of your product manufacturing. Our Executives answer your Phones, communicate, Solve Your problem so you don’t have to worry, and we treat every Order with high-touch, white glove service. Whether that is a 1 million unit order, or a 5 thousand unit order.

End to End Solution

As one of the largest Product manufacturing networks in the country we have the ability to provide single point source for an entire product portfolio that spans 95% of all delivery forms and packaging configurations. Include services that span complex R&D, formulation, flavoring and certification requirements that’s why some of the largest companies have trusted us as their manufacturer for their most complex products.

Resources and Services

Our resources make projects happen that other manufacturers just can’t do.In addition to our capabilities and network we offer services that are integral in the supply chain process but most are unwilling to offer. No need to find, corral, coordinate, time and pay, several different companies or organizations to complete all aspects of your product production. We offer under one roof label and package design, label review, label and package printing, warehousing & fulfillment, formulation, research & development and more. We even bring unqiue technologies & Formulations to our clients.

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