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Company Information ℹ️

“TYMK Group” is the Brand Name of Our Conglomerate Businesses. One of the TYMK Group’s Company is TYMK HEALTH & WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED which is into Manufacturing of Daily Need Products. TYMK Group formed to meet a need in the industry that did not exist before. Many contract manufacturing facilities provide some regulatory assistance, but none of them provide the full package that TYMK provides. We Offer “ONE STOP SOLUTION”

TYMK Group - Collaboration Proposal: 

Amplify Your Reach Through Product Sponsorships
We are excited to reach out to you on behalf of TYMK.

We are a manufacturing powerhouse, specializing in: 👇

☑️ Private Label/ White Label/ Third Party Products 🏷️
☑️ OEM/ Contract Manufacturing🎚️🛂
☑️ Personal Care🧴/ Cosmetics/ Perfumes & Soaps 🧼
☑️ Colour & Makeup Cosmetics💄💅
☑️ Nutraceutical/ Healthcare & Ayurveda🌿 💊
☑️ Home 🏡 & Pet 🐶 care Products
☑️ Baby 🐥 Care Products
☑️ Food 😋 & Beverages 🧃🍹🍢

We have a unique and mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunity to offer.

Unique Sponsorship Approach:

TYMK Group offers a unique sponsorship opportunity that goes beyond traditional financial contributions. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, and instead of cash, we offer high-quality products from our HeyPuro brand and custom-developed solutions from TYMK Health as barter for your valuable advertising and sponsorship highlights.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand that every event/initiative has specific needs and target audiences. 

Here are two exciting models we offer: ⇩


Model 1:

Ready-to-Ship Products from “HeyPuro” - https://heypuro.com/
(Heypuro: HeyPuro is Registered  Brand/ Own Brand of TYMK Group)

Did you know? HeyPuro means: Say Hello ? to Purity ??

Wide Selection: Choose high-quality products across various categories showcased on our HeyPuro online store (https://heypuro.com).

Flexibility: We offer 2 options: ⬇⬇

1) Cash Vouchers (Physical or Virtual): We Provide physical or virtual vouchers pre-loaded with a specific value redeemable on our website.
2) Discount Vouchers (Physical or Virtual): Offer customers discounts ranging from 10% to 80% on the MRP/selling price of selected products.
Nationwide Delivery: Leverage our robust ecommerce platform to deliver products pan-India, ensuring easy access for your audience.


Model 2:

Custom-Branded Products from TYMK Health - https://tymk.world

Tailored Solutions: Design products customized with your brand logo, name, or specific features under our private label or white label services.
Extensive Choices: Select from over 700 product options across various categories https://tymk.world Choose from a diverse range of products to align with your event/initiative theme and target audience.

Production Lead Time: Expect a production lead time of approximately 30 to 40 working days to ensure high-quality, customized products.

White Label/Private Label options: Build brand exclusivity with products fully customized to your specifications.

Personalized Branding: Express your unique identity and connect deeply with your audience through customized packaging and design.

? Benefits of Partnering with TYMK Group:

✌️ Increased Brand Awareness: Enhance your brand visibility and reach a wider audience through product distribution and marketing efforts.

✌️ Boost Audience Engagement: Generate excitement and incentivize participation in your event/activity with attractive product giveaways or discounts.

✌️ Cost-Effective Solution: Enjoy the value of product sponsorships without the financial burden of cash sponsorships.

✌️ Flexibility and Customization: Choose the model and product options that best suit your specific needs and goals.

We are confident that a TYMK Group product sponsorship can add significant value to your upcoming event/activity. We invite you to explore our product offerings and discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your objectives.To discuss a customized proposal tailored to your specific needs and goals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

☞ Please feel free to contact us at Connect@tymkgroup.com or +91-8128153295 to schedule a call and discuss the possibilities further.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The TYMK Group Team


General ❓

Great question! With governments worldwide increasingly enforcing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for Food, cosmetics and nutraceutical products, it's crucial to meet these stringent standards. Regulatory bodies like the FDA ensure that products are safe and meet label claims, and they have the authority to seize non-compliant products, potentially costing companies millions.

TYMK Group can assist you by:

1. Developing a Robust Quality System: We help you establish a quality system that meets global standards, ensuring your products are safe and compliant.
2. Providing the TYMK Seal of Approval: Our seal signifies that your products have passed rigorous quality checks, giving consumers confidence in your brand.
3. Global Distribution Readiness: We ensure all necessary documentation and compliance are in place, preparing your products for international markets.
4. Increasing Sales and Profitability: By adhering to GMPs and displaying the TYMK  Seal of Approval, you can boost consumer trust, increase sales, and secure profitability.

Partnering  🤝 with TYMK Group ensures your Products are of the highest quality, compliant with global standards, and ready for market success.

For Existing Formulation & Packaging, it takes 2 to 3 Working days to dispatch

Yes, We are Very comfortable with it. But Please Consult TYMK Group Manager for Specifications.

This answer is entirely up to YOU. Before beginning the R&D & Packaging Selection phase, we ask that you provide us with your cost per piece. The answer to this allows us to give a budget to TYMK’s R&D team for your formula. Our R&D team will work on Reverse Calculation from there when deciding which ingredients and actives to put into your formula to fit your budget.

We like to use the analogy of car shopping when addressing this question. When one says, “I want to buy a car,” the initial response is to ask “What is your budget?” Cars range in cost from an affordable Toyota to a high-end luxury car such as a Porsche.

Yes! We enjoy meeting with customers face to face. We ask that you contact TYMK’s Manager to schedule a meeting to meet with our experts and see our facilities.

Yes, TYMK is updated with the latest Ingredients/ Packaging. We make sure that our clients enjoy products made from state-of-the-art infrastructure and dependable ingredients which are available in the market. We maintain a fruitful association with our suppliers. We eagerly keep abreast of new discoveries.

We understand that product selection can be Difficult and TYMK Manager/ Executive will help guide you through the process. We do encourage you to browse our products online, and read through our provided literature as well. Our representative will help you choose the products that are best suited to your marketing requirements.

We are a manufacturing powerhouse, specializing in: 👇

☑️ Private Label/ White Label/ Third Party Products 🏷️
☑️ OEM/ Contract Manufacturing🎚️🛂
☑️ Personal Care🧴/ Cosmetics/ Perfumes & Soaps 🧼
☑️ Colour & Makeup Cosmetics💄💅
☑️ Nutraceutical/ Healthcare & Ayurveda🌿 💊
☑️ Home 🏡 & Pet 🐶 care Products
☑️ Baby 🐥 Care Products
☑️ Food 😋 & Beverages 🧃🍹🍢

Our expertise as a customized manufacturer allows us to cater to various industry needs with precision and quality.

While there are subtle distinctions between these manufacturing types, they ultimately serve the same fundamental purpose: outsourcing production to meet specific client needs. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

1. Customized Manufacturing:
  - Definition: Producing products specifically tailored to the client's unique requirements.
  - Example: A skincare brand creating a unique anti-aging cream formula exclusively for their product line.

 2. Third-Party Manufacturing:
  - Definition: Outsourcing production to an external manufacturer, with the client retaining control over branding and marketing.
  - Example: A nutraceutical company hiring an external facility to produce their vitamin supplements.

3. Private Label Manufacturing:
  - Definition: Manufacturing products for other companies to sell under their own brand name.
  - Example: A cosmetics brand purchasing pre-formulated skincare products and selling them under their own label.

4. White Label Manufacturing:
  - Definition: Producing generic products that multiple companies can rebrand and sell with minimal customization.
  - Example: A food supplement manufacturer creating a basic protein powder formula for various brands to repack and sell.

5. Contract Manufacturing:
  - Definition: An agreement where a manufacturer produces products according to the client's specifications, often including raw material sourcing and complete production processes.
  - Example: An Ayurveda product company contracting a manufacturer to produce herbal supplements according to their specific recipes.

6. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Manufacturing:
  - Definition: A manufacturer producing parts or products that are used in another company's end products.
  - Example: A pharmaceutical company producing active ingredients for another company’s finished drug product.

7. ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Manufacturing:
  - Definition: A manufacturer that designs and produces products which are then sold by another company under their own brand.
  - Example: A cosmetic company designing and creating a new makeup line for another company to brand and sell.

While these terms highlight slight variations in the manufacturing process and client involvement, they all revolve around the core principle of outsourcing production to meet client needs efficiently and effectively. TYMK offers expertise in all these manufacturing models, ensuring high-quality production and seamless market integration for your products.

Check the Link for more Details 👇👇

Check the Link for more Details 👇👇

Yes, we can private label any of our in-house formulas.

Yes, we can Produce batch as per your formula specification.

Yes, TYMK’s R&D team will develop any formula or match any benchmark product.

Yes, there is a cost for creating your own custom formulation. Here are the details:

  • R&D Fees: This fee covers the time spent formulating your product, ordering raw material samples, and creating test samples.

  • Standard Fee: The fee is ₹15,000 + GST per product. This fee might be higher for some products, depending on the complexity of the formulation and packaging or the availability of raw materials.

  • ✅ Refund Policy: The R&D fee is 100% refundable/ Adjustable on your first order Invoice, if you place an order worth ₹4,00,000 + GST or more in a single invoice for that specific product. This offer only applies to the 1st order.

  • ✖️Non-Refundable and Non-Adjustable: If the 1st order for R&D Product is less than ₹4,00,000 + GST, the R&D charges are non-refundable and non-adjustable. The refund policy does not apply to future orders, regardless of their value.

This policy ensures we fairly compensate our efforts in developing high-quality, custom formulations, while also encouraging larger initial orders.


We try our best to develop your product successfully on the first try. However, R&D can sometimes need more attempts, depending on the product category.

  • Our Experience: We've developed over 5000 formulations and have more than 600 products live on our website.
  • Trial Limit: We offer up to 2 or 3 trials to get your product right.

We aim to build a long-term business relationship and deliver high-quality products with as few trials as possible.

Stability testing is a period of 3 to 6 months, it Depends on Product to Product.

At TYMK World, we utilize comprehensive stability testing methods to ensure the quality and longevity of our products. Our stability testing protocols include:

  • Accelerated Stability Testing: We expose products to elevated temperatures and humidity levels to predict their shelf life and identify potential degradation over time.
  • Real-Time Stability Testing: Products are stored under normal conditions to monitor their performance and stability throughout their intended shelf life.
  • Physical and Chemical Analysis: We conduct rigorous testing to assess physical properties (such as color, odor, and texture) and chemical stability (including pH and active ingredient concentration).
  • Microbiological Testing: Ensuring products remain free from microbial contamination throughout their shelf life is crucial, and our microbiological tests ensure long-term safety and efficacy.

These methods help us guarantee that every product meets our high standards for quality, safety, and effectiveness, providing you with reliable and durable products.

No. TYMK Group does not do animal testing. We are proud to be a cruelty-free contract manufacturer and lab.

Yes. If you wish to waive product stability and go directly into production, we require you to sign a stability waiver form. TYMK will continue run stability concurrently with your production order.

Terms and Conditions for Matching Benchmark Products: 👇

At TYMK Group, we strive to match your benchmark products as closely as possible through our dedicated R&D efforts. Please note that while we charge a minimal fee for this R&D service, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the benchmark samples. Refunds will not be issued if we are unable to meet the exact specifications. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1. Matching Efforts and Limitations:

We strive to match the characteristics of benchmark products provided by the client to the best of our ability through our research and development (R&D) process. We dedicate our research and development (R&D) efforts to matching these products as closely as possible in terms of characteristics and performance. However, due to variations in raw materials, formulations, and manufacturing processes, achieving an exact match may not always be possible.

2. R&D Fees and Non-Refundable Policy:

We offer a competitive fee for our R&D efforts in attempting to match benchmark products. Please note that this fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome. This reflects the time and resources dedicated to understanding and potentially replicating the benchmark product.

3. Client Approval and Final Product:

Once we have developed a product based on the benchmark sample, we will provide you with a sample for your evaluation and approval. Your approval signifies your acceptance of the final product's characteristics, even if it does not perfectly match the benchmark.

4. Communication and Alternatives:

We encourage open communication throughout the process. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us. In the event that we are unable to achieve a satisfactory match, we may be able to offer alternative formulations that meet your needs.

5. Transparency, Commitment and Client Satisfaction:

We strive to deliver high-quality private label products that meet your expectations. We are committed to transparency and client satisfaction. By understanding these terms and conditions, you acknowledge the limitations inherent in matching benchmark products and the non-refundable nature of the R&D fee.

Packaging Affairs 🏷️🎁📦

Yes, we have 100’s of stock bottles, jars, caps, sprayers & more.

Yes, our machinery can handle any glass size to meet your filling needs.

Yes, we partner with the top Industry suppliers to offer a great variety of components. We also have a overseas Suppliers and attend most packaging trade shows to bring you the latest packaging innovation. We can Share you Data only After Receiving Your Payment for the order.

No its Totally Free from TYMK. There maybe Reasonable Cost, depends on the complexity of your project. Please contact TYMK Group’s Manager for pricing and information.

Yes, you can bring your own design, or if you are looking to re-design your existing label, our team will guide through the process.

Yes, we can custom design a bottle/Packaging mold for you. Please contact one of the TYMK’s Manager for pricing.

TYMK can hold packaging for 90 days after an order is complete. Only upon a case-by-case basis, TYMK will allow longer storage.

TYMK offers a wide variety of packaging options to suit the diverse needs of our clients. Our packaging capabilities include:

  • All Types of Bottles and Jars: Ideal for liquids, creams, and lotions, available in various sizes and materials.
  • Laminated (Lami) and PVC Tubes: Perfect for personal care products, cosmetics, and more, offering excellent barrier properties.
  • Carton/ Boxes/ Shippers: Customizable packaging solutions for a range of products, providing both protection and branding opportunities.
  • Labels: High-quality labeling services to ensure your products stand out on the shelves with clear and attractive designs.
  • Sleeves and Shrinks: Tamper-evident and protective solutions for enhanced product security and presentation.
  • Pumps and Caps: Functional and stylish dispensing solutions for bottles and jars.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars: Premium packaging for products requiring superior barrier protection and a luxurious look.
  • Cans and Tins: Durable and versatile packaging options for various food, beverage, and FMCG products.
  • Combo Kits: Comprehensive packaging solutions for bundled products or gift sets.
  • Sachets and Pouches: Convenient and portable packaging for single-use products or samples.
  • Blister Packagings: Ideal for securely packaging small items.
  • Barrels and Drums: Large-scale packaging solutions for bulk products, ensuring safe transport and storage.

Our extensive packaging filling options enable us to cater to a broad spectrum of Market and product types, ensuring your products are packaged efficiently and attractively.

TYMK employs rigorous quality control measures to ensure the highest standards in packaging. Our quality assurance processes include:

  • Material Inspection: Thorough checks of all packaging materials to ensure they meet our quality and safety standards.
  • Filling Accuracy: Advanced equipment and technology to ensure precise and consistent filling of products.
  • Sealing and Integrity Testing: Ensuring that all packages are securely sealed and free from defects.
  • Aesthetic Quality Checks: Verifying that all labels, prints, and designs are accurate and visually appealing.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all packaging meets relevant industry standards and regulations for safety and quality.

By maintaining strict quality control, we ensure that your products are packaged in a manner that preserves their integrity and enhances their marketability.

Production ⚙️

TYMK is prepared to deliver on your project no matter the size. TYMK has the resources and experience at its disposal to meet your needs, from small assistance to the global project and delivery. TYMK has assisted small “Mom and Pop” companies to Large companies.

For TYMK’s Existing Formulations with Packaging:

- Sachets: (2- 5 Grams): Starts from 30,000 units.

- Bottles / Jars: Starts from 1000 Units Per Product.
- Tube: Starts from 2000 Units Per Product.
- Toothpaste: Starts from 5000 Units Per Product.

- Soaps: Starts from 3000 Units Per Soap Variant or Min. 300 Kg Batch Size.

- Others: Starts from: 400 KG/ Litres or 2 drums.

For Custom Formulations / Packaging:
- Sachets: (2- 5 Grams): Starts from 30,000 units.

- Bottles / Jars: Starts from 3000 Units Per Product.
- Tube: Starts from 3000 Units Per Product.
- Toothpaste: Starts from 5000 Units Per Product.

- Others: Starts from: 400 KG/ Litres

We can fill up to 50,000 bottles per Day.

Once all Raw/Packaging Material are at TYMK Group’s Factory, the production lead time is 1 to 2 Weeks.

Once you have placed an order, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit. After we have received your deposit, our ordering department will begin to place orders for raw materials. Lead times of ingredients vary, depending on location of ingredient, whether or not the vendor has the ingredient in stock, and more. Sometimes Imported ingredients can take up to 8 weeks to be shipped to our Factory. We require that all components of packaging be received at TYMK factory prior to going into production. Once all ingredients and packaging components is receivedat TYMK Factory, we schedule your product for compounding and production. We ask that all TYMK clients give approx 4 week lead time before their product goes into production, allowing time for all ingredients to be shipped in. If it is possible for your product to go into production earlier, we will do so.

After you have placed multiple production orders for the same product, we will be able to have an approximate forecast for when your next order will be placed. Once we know this, we can contact our ingredient/packaging vendors and ask them to set aside a certain amount to prevent any back-orders, helping get your Finished Products faster for future orders.

TYMK has invested in the equipment needed to do full-service pilot batches. These small batches are perfect for process and scale up validation as well as providing small batches for clinical studies and user groups. Contact TYMK Manager for more information.

Interesting question, but all Governments across the globe, enacted laws that force manufacturers to produce quality products that do not harm the general public. All the Government also gave permission to the FDA to enforce these rules and regulations. Because they are laws, we must obey or pay the consequences.

Compliance does cost money, It depends on the Documents Required. The consequence of non-compliance is actually more expensive than non-compliance. One thing to note, we provide several compliant solutions to a particular issue. We never say “you can’t do this or that” as so many consultants do, but we do say, “lets do it this way, obtain the same result, and maintain compliance.” The road to compliance may cost a few extra dollars to achieve, but the outcome will be well worth the effort.

Yes,If You Require. TYMK will provide you with our NDA which protects the client (you) and manufacturer (TYMK).

Each country has varying laws and guidelines for importing products. At TYMK Group, we have created products for export to over 110 different countries. We will use our experience and knowledge to navigate the paperwork and certificates required for export. we can provide you with all required documents for product registration such as Certificate of Free Sales, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, Technical Data Sheets, GMP Certificate and qualitative and quantitative formulations. There maybe Reasonable Cost, depends on the complexity of your project. Please contact TYMK Group’s Manager for pricing and information.

We adhere to the highest industry standards relevant to your specific product category. Check the Link for more Details 👇👇

Logistics/ Transportation 🚢🚚✈️🚂

Freight is F.O.B. our manufacturing facilities in Vadodara,India. Shipping can be arranged by our shipping department or by your company. Our shipping department will contact freight companies for a competitive price for your shipment.

TYMK offers comprehensive logistics and transportation services to ensure your products are delivered safely and on time. Our services include:

  • Domestic and International Shipping: We coordinate shipments both within the country and globally to meet your distribution needs.
Freight Management- Expertise in handling various modes of transportation Like 👇
  •        🚢 Sea Freight: Ideal for large, bulk shipments that are cost-sensitive and have flexible delivery timelines.
  •        ✈️ Air Freight: Fast and efficient shipping solution for urgent or high-value products.
  •        🚂 Rail Transport: Cost-effective and reliable option for long-distance domestic shipments.
  •        🚚 Road Transport: Versatile and widely used mode for local and regional deliveries.

Yes, TYMK has extensive experience in:

  • Customs Documentation: Preparing all necessary documentation for smooth customs clearance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring shipments comply with international trade regulations and standards.
  • Freight Forwarding: Coordinating with freight forwarders to manage cross-border shipments efficiently.

Yes, we offer self-pickup as an option for qualified orders. For any queries contact the TYMK executive.

TYMK Services 👩🏻‍💼👨‍🔬

One of the TYMK Group’s Relationship Executive/ Manager will be a Single Point of Contact for your Entire Project. They will be in Touch with you & Support You over Phone/ Email/ Whatsapp for each & every Small Queries/ Proceses.

TYMK stands out in the manufacturing industry due to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive product range, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and flexible business models enable us to meet diverse industry requirements. We prioritize building long-term partnerships with our clients by consistently delivering exceptional products and services.

TYMK offers several manufacturing models to suit different business needs, including:

  1.  Customised Manufacturing
  2.  Third Party Manufacturing
  3.  Private Label Manufacturing
  4.  White Label Manufacturing
  5.  Contract Manufacturing
  6.  OEM Manufacturing

These models provide flexibility and tailored solutions for businesses looking to bring their unique products to market efficiently.

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